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About My Art


I combine the techniques and methods of photography, digital painting and Giclée printing together to create a unique form of art that I call Virtual Oils or Photographic Art.   This unique art is created through three distinct steps.   


The first step is the creation of source material.  My source material is generally created by two different means; the first is through real world photography and the second is photography from virtual worlds.  Possibly the more interesting of the two is using virtual worlds and metaverses as the photographic sources.   Long predicted in science fiction such as Star Trek's Holodeck and various cyberpunk novels, the metaverse is alternate reality with its own beauty and structure.  These metaverses are now appearing around the world and for better or worse will have a major influence on the future of mankind.  One advantage of doing photography in a metaverse is that I have much more control over scenes, sets, lighting and models than exist with real world photography.       


The second step is to create an intermediary virtual painting.   Working from source images, I painstakingly extract components and then digitally paint my art using various painting and photo software. The techniques vary from art work to art work, but what I strive for is creating more texture and emotion, many times by abstracting out the detail.


But the virtual painting is not the final work. The art must take a final and important third step, turning it into physical form.  To do this, I work hand in hand with a master Giclée printers, using archival inks and high quality canvas or paper. Only then do I achieve my final expression in the art. 

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